Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update on Trollbloods

As of this moment, I am winning the Anomaly league at my local store by 9 points, which is all thanks to painting epic Madrak and the mounted version of Horthol.
Either way, I have placed an order with my local store for some Burrowers and a Fell Caller Hero. I also recently received Jarl Skuld, who I have yet to try out.

No idea if anyone is reading this, but so far pretty much every list of mine has included a Mauler, a Pyre Troll, an Axer (or Impaler), and full Fennblades with UA. Out of the warlocks I have (Borka, pMadrak, eMadrak, Gunnbjorn, pDoomshaper, and Jarl Skuld), the only one I have won many games with has been Borka, but that has mostly been due to people not checking their control area to see if Borka is in range for a charge, which they will now be doing. Anyone have any tips for playing Trollbloods with any of those warlocks?

Monday, May 20, 2013

New stuff.

While I was at work today, three packages were delivered for me.

Epic Madrak, Horthol, and prime Doomshaper. I cannot wait to get these models assembled, painted, and onto the table. This should also be the last big push I need (along with painting my Fennblades and Scouts) to win the local Anomaly league.

Update: All of the models are now assembled and ready for paint. Doomshaper came with old cards however, so it looks like I won't be playing him for a while.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Been a while.

After quite some time and even forgetting that I had this, I rediscovered it while going through my internet history. A few things have changed since the last time I posted. I am now the father of a small female human, done with what little college I had planned to do, and currently employed at a terrible job until I can find better employment. A few things have changed with my hobbies as well, as I now rarely play 40k (which is upsetting considering the amount of miniatures I own) and play Warmachine/Hordes quite often.

Shortly before the birth of my daughter, I picked up the Hordes 2 player box. After a few games of messing around with the two factions it contained, I decided that I didn't really enjoy either of them, so I traded the Legion of Everblight half for the Trollbloods starter set.

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the Trollbloods and have about 60 points collected and about 50 painted. While I was hoping to say that 40k is the game where all of my pieces are painted, it's quickly looking like that will be Warmachine/Hordes.

Anyways, I shall continue to update this blog now that I have rediscovered it, hopefully with video battle reports and more pictures of miniatures.

And yes, I know that the base on Gunnbjorn looks like chocolate icing. I assure you, it's not. -_-

Monday, October 22, 2012

Results from the weird scenario and Fateweaver update

The scenario my friend had us play was only slightly varied from the one shown in the battle report done by MiniWarGaming. A few things were discovered as we played. That scenario doesn't really work with a Deathwing/IG list and an Eldar jetbike list. My paladin unit ended up being used against, and I ended up with a Baneblade on my side for the last two turns, which killed nothing. NOTHING. -_-

The motto for the night was "Damn Fateweaver." due to how frustrating that model had been and my hilariously ridiculous rolls. The first turn I had the Baneblade, all of it's shots missed or failed to kill anything. I lost some ridiculous amount of victory points to one or two for myself. It was terrible.

Afterwards, we played another 1,000 point game in which my friend tested out an Eldar Corsair list and I played Daemons. The Fateweaver proxy (since mine was at home drying) ended up being destroyed on turn one due to mishap, at which point the motto for the night was repeated yet again. So it looked like I was going to be slaughtered in just a couple of turns, but then my plaguebearers (proxied by pink horrors) held up every infantry model in combat while my daemon princes chewed through his vehicles and came back to clean up infantry. I made more 5+ saves and feel no pain rolls in that game than I made 2+ saves in the entire previous game. It was quite sad actually.

Anyways, it appears that my Fateweaver's wings are finally staying on, but I'm probably going to attempt to make some green stuff scarf for it or something to support the wings more.

And now, back to the mountain of homework I have to do in order to barely graduate college this semester. More wargaming stuff to come soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kairos Fateweaver, plastic crack, weird scenario, and potential game change.

My birthday was yesterday, so I decided to buy something. I'm now fairly certain I have a problem. Instead of buying something for an army I already had, I bought Fateweaver and a box of Pink Horrors, which is about 508 points of models. So now I have yet another army started.

Anyways, I purchased Fateweaver at about 7 PM yesterday. The metal model of Fateweaver. I then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours trying to assemble it at the shop. It ended up following apart right as I gave up on the wings.

After a couple of hours of sleep, I started work on the model again. As of now, I have spent 16 hours trying to assemble this one model. This is insane. Pinning doesn't exactly work for me as I do not have a drill bit the correct size, so instead I have to resort to drilling huge holes in both parts and using green stuff to assist the glue in holding the pieces together.

I currently have everything but one wing appearing to be on. I'm probably going to have to drill more. This is, by far, the most annoying model I have ever put together. That title was previously held by the finecast Inquisitor Karamazov, due to the feet of his throne.

I'm now off to my friend's house where me and another friend will be playing something along the lines of what MiniWarGaming did for their anniversary battle report. All I was told to bring was a 1,000 point army and a 300 point super unit, which was going to be Fateweaver since no one knew I had it yet, but of course the wing is still drying.

So now it appears I'm taking a Dark Angel list with Imperial Guard allies for my main list, with Paladins and an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor as my super unit. I'm playing against Eldar, so I figured that unit would pack quite a punch with two Psycannons at BS 10 thanks to the Inquisitor. Luckily, there are no psykers in my own army, so that piece of wargear will be entirely useless for him if he gets it.

Anyways, I'm off to see the wizard. Going to try to update this regularly starting soon. Possibly with battle reports (pictures and text at first, then videos). Unless my gaming group switches entirely to WarmaHordes, which I suggested as something we could play in addition to that is starting to look like people just want to jump to, leaving 40k behind. If so, I'll probably have some stuff up regarding Circle of Orboros since that's the faction I have my eye on currently.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

500 points, night one.

Played two games last Thursday since I'll be out of state this coming up week. The first game was with the list above and I was playing against an Inquisition list led by Coteaz. Had 40 warrior acolytes with boltguns, 6 heavy bolter servitors, 2 jokaero weaponsmiths, Coteaz, and a psyker inquisitor with a hellrifle. Seemed like I had it in the bag until the jokaero finally hit my ravager. Had his squad with his warlord almost demolished when it happened. Ended up getting tabled on turn 6, with 24 acolytes and 3 servitors killed.

The second game, I switched lists. If I had stuck with this list, I definitely would have had the game in the bag I think. Played against Necrons, and the list was an overlord, a royal court maxed out on destruction crypteks, and two cheap warrior squads.

As for me, I had two 3-man acolyte squads in razorbacks with assault cannons and psybolt ammunition, two 5-man psyker squads with one acolyte each, 3 plasma cannon servitors, a jokaero weaponsmith, and Coteaz. The guy I played against did not move a single unit forward (no matter what he plays, he never does, which annoys the hell out of me), so I had to move everything towards him to get shots off. Meanwhile, he was only able to shoot with the crypteks, which killed Coteaz because the unit he was attached to was in a ruin with him being slightly closer (dumb move on my part). The game ended after turn 7, with me having linebreaker, slay the warlord, and one objective while he had slay the warlord.... and of course I would just now remember that he also had a unit of Destroyers, which brings him up to 545+ points for a 500 point league... Well damn.

I was also supposed to be the one running the league that week (due to the person who usually does becoming a father that morning), and everyone decided to make it as annoying as possible for me. From people claiming I added up a list wrong (which I didn't) to the guy I played the second game against asking a bunch of stupid questions, it was a very frustrating night. We also had a bunch of Fantasy players wanting to participate, but they cannot show up to ANYTHING on time, so when everyone else had already finished their games, they showed up. I wanted to be fair and let them participate, but I ended up leaving after my second game.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dark Eldar army reacquired and upcoming escalation league!

Being the first army I played, and many of the pieces in it actually being from the lot that I sold to someone at the store, when I saw that this Dark Eldar army was up for sale and heard that someone with a reputation for butchering pieces was going to buy it, I immediately walked over to the bank, withdrew more money than his offer, and bought it (admittedly after the butcher overheard me talking about buying it and made me have to pay more than I originally intended, but oh well.)

Of the pieces shown, the entire front tray, the Reaver jetbikes in the left tray, the majority of pieces in the right tray, the metal Talos, the gray Raiders, and the green/purple vehicles were part of the Christmas present that began my adventure into this hobby years before I had any idea at all what it really was.

Many of the vehicles are going to take some effort to fix, with the Ravager in the front right of the bottom picture being the most difficult since it used the old pewter conversion box for gunners. Even if I get it fixed, it might only see action as a Dais of Destruction after some converting since it'll be the only old Ravager I'll have. The black and red Raider body also has pieces to finish making it a Ravager.

In the top picture, all of the metal models in the right tray are Incubi. That's 16 Incubi, plus more in my car somewhere that I didn't sell. The ones in that tray have all been "converted" by having the tops of their helmets chopped off, leaving only a flat surface where their Tormenter Helms used to be. I have no idea how I'm going to salvage them, probably going to have to remove the heads entirely and replace them with heads from some other model.

Immediately after reacquiring this army, I played a small 500 point game against a buddy of mine who plays Eldar. My barebones Archon rolled 12 of the 15 armor saves he was required to make, which was awesome. Then a Ravager won the game for me by finishing off the majority of the jetbikes that my opponent set on the table and making all but one of the many Flickerfield saves it was called upon to make while an Eldar Warlock chased it around with a Witchblade.

Also, starting this coming up Thursday, we will be starting our escalation league back at 500 points, with the following restrictions for that point level: no armor value above 11, no toughness 6 or higher, no more than three wounds per model, and no flyers. The last part having many people at the store upset since pretty much everyone has a flyer or three now, except for the new players who are looking to jump in and the main reason we stopped at 1,750 and not 2,000.

For 500 points, I'm considering the following:


Archon (65 points)
     -Venom Blade


Kabalite Trueborn (59 points)
     -3 models
     -2 Splinter Cannons
     -Plasma Grenades (extra points)


2 X Kabalite Warriors (125 points)
     -5 models
          -Disintegrator Cannon
          -Night Shields

Heavy Support:

Ravager (125 points)
     -Disintegrator Cannon (3)
     -Night Shields

Total: 499 Points