Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update on Trollbloods

As of this moment, I am winning the Anomaly league at my local store by 9 points, which is all thanks to painting epic Madrak and the mounted version of Horthol.
Either way, I have placed an order with my local store for some Burrowers and a Fell Caller Hero. I also recently received Jarl Skuld, who I have yet to try out.

No idea if anyone is reading this, but so far pretty much every list of mine has included a Mauler, a Pyre Troll, an Axer (or Impaler), and full Fennblades with UA. Out of the warlocks I have (Borka, pMadrak, eMadrak, Gunnbjorn, pDoomshaper, and Jarl Skuld), the only one I have won many games with has been Borka, but that has mostly been due to people not checking their control area to see if Borka is in range for a charge, which they will now be doing. Anyone have any tips for playing Trollbloods with any of those warlocks?

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