Sunday, October 7, 2012

500 points, night one.

Played two games last Thursday since I'll be out of state this coming up week. The first game was with the list above and I was playing against an Inquisition list led by Coteaz. Had 40 warrior acolytes with boltguns, 6 heavy bolter servitors, 2 jokaero weaponsmiths, Coteaz, and a psyker inquisitor with a hellrifle. Seemed like I had it in the bag until the jokaero finally hit my ravager. Had his squad with his warlord almost demolished when it happened. Ended up getting tabled on turn 6, with 24 acolytes and 3 servitors killed.

The second game, I switched lists. If I had stuck with this list, I definitely would have had the game in the bag I think. Played against Necrons, and the list was an overlord, a royal court maxed out on destruction crypteks, and two cheap warrior squads.

As for me, I had two 3-man acolyte squads in razorbacks with assault cannons and psybolt ammunition, two 5-man psyker squads with one acolyte each, 3 plasma cannon servitors, a jokaero weaponsmith, and Coteaz. The guy I played against did not move a single unit forward (no matter what he plays, he never does, which annoys the hell out of me), so I had to move everything towards him to get shots off. Meanwhile, he was only able to shoot with the crypteks, which killed Coteaz because the unit he was attached to was in a ruin with him being slightly closer (dumb move on my part). The game ended after turn 7, with me having linebreaker, slay the warlord, and one objective while he had slay the warlord.... and of course I would just now remember that he also had a unit of Destroyers, which brings him up to 545+ points for a 500 point league... Well damn.

I was also supposed to be the one running the league that week (due to the person who usually does becoming a father that morning), and everyone decided to make it as annoying as possible for me. From people claiming I added up a list wrong (which I didn't) to the guy I played the second game against asking a bunch of stupid questions, it was a very frustrating night. We also had a bunch of Fantasy players wanting to participate, but they cannot show up to ANYTHING on time, so when everyone else had already finished their games, they showed up. I wanted to be fair and let them participate, but I ended up leaving after my second game.


  1. I been having some 500 point games recently, they have been a blast :D

    1. We placed restrictions on our league (no armor value above 11, nothing about toughness 5, nothing above 3 wounds, and no flying models) or I would definitely have ran a flying hive tyrant, a tervigon, and 10 termagaunts. We have quite a few new players this month, so we decided those restrictions were probably for the best so they won't get mad after a monstrous creature with iron arm can't be hurt at all by their simple double tactical squad list.