Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dark Eldar army reacquired and upcoming escalation league!

Being the first army I played, and many of the pieces in it actually being from the lot that I sold to someone at the store, when I saw that this Dark Eldar army was up for sale and heard that someone with a reputation for butchering pieces was going to buy it, I immediately walked over to the bank, withdrew more money than his offer, and bought it (admittedly after the butcher overheard me talking about buying it and made me have to pay more than I originally intended, but oh well.)

Of the pieces shown, the entire front tray, the Reaver jetbikes in the left tray, the majority of pieces in the right tray, the metal Talos, the gray Raiders, and the green/purple vehicles were part of the Christmas present that began my adventure into this hobby years before I had any idea at all what it really was.

Many of the vehicles are going to take some effort to fix, with the Ravager in the front right of the bottom picture being the most difficult since it used the old pewter conversion box for gunners. Even if I get it fixed, it might only see action as a Dais of Destruction after some converting since it'll be the only old Ravager I'll have. The black and red Raider body also has pieces to finish making it a Ravager.

In the top picture, all of the metal models in the right tray are Incubi. That's 16 Incubi, plus more in my car somewhere that I didn't sell. The ones in that tray have all been "converted" by having the tops of their helmets chopped off, leaving only a flat surface where their Tormenter Helms used to be. I have no idea how I'm going to salvage them, probably going to have to remove the heads entirely and replace them with heads from some other model.

Immediately after reacquiring this army, I played a small 500 point game against a buddy of mine who plays Eldar. My barebones Archon rolled 12 of the 15 armor saves he was required to make, which was awesome. Then a Ravager won the game for me by finishing off the majority of the jetbikes that my opponent set on the table and making all but one of the many Flickerfield saves it was called upon to make while an Eldar Warlock chased it around with a Witchblade.

Also, starting this coming up Thursday, we will be starting our escalation league back at 500 points, with the following restrictions for that point level: no armor value above 11, no toughness 6 or higher, no more than three wounds per model, and no flyers. The last part having many people at the store upset since pretty much everyone has a flyer or three now, except for the new players who are looking to jump in and the main reason we stopped at 1,750 and not 2,000.

For 500 points, I'm considering the following:


Archon (65 points)
     -Venom Blade


Kabalite Trueborn (59 points)
     -3 models
     -2 Splinter Cannons
     -Plasma Grenades (extra points)


2 X Kabalite Warriors (125 points)
     -5 models
          -Disintegrator Cannon
          -Night Shields

Heavy Support:

Ravager (125 points)
     -Disintegrator Cannon (3)
     -Night Shields

Total: 499 Points

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  1. The list looks good, let us no how you get on mate :)