Monday, October 22, 2012

Results from the weird scenario and Fateweaver update

The scenario my friend had us play was only slightly varied from the one shown in the battle report done by MiniWarGaming. A few things were discovered as we played. That scenario doesn't really work with a Deathwing/IG list and an Eldar jetbike list. My paladin unit ended up being used against, and I ended up with a Baneblade on my side for the last two turns, which killed nothing. NOTHING. -_-

The motto for the night was "Damn Fateweaver." due to how frustrating that model had been and my hilariously ridiculous rolls. The first turn I had the Baneblade, all of it's shots missed or failed to kill anything. I lost some ridiculous amount of victory points to one or two for myself. It was terrible.

Afterwards, we played another 1,000 point game in which my friend tested out an Eldar Corsair list and I played Daemons. The Fateweaver proxy (since mine was at home drying) ended up being destroyed on turn one due to mishap, at which point the motto for the night was repeated yet again. So it looked like I was going to be slaughtered in just a couple of turns, but then my plaguebearers (proxied by pink horrors) held up every infantry model in combat while my daemon princes chewed through his vehicles and came back to clean up infantry. I made more 5+ saves and feel no pain rolls in that game than I made 2+ saves in the entire previous game. It was quite sad actually.

Anyways, it appears that my Fateweaver's wings are finally staying on, but I'm probably going to attempt to make some green stuff scarf for it or something to support the wings more.

And now, back to the mountain of homework I have to do in order to barely graduate college this semester. More wargaming stuff to come soon.

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