Monday, September 24, 2012

Here we go.

After seeing blogs on here done by other people (IDICBeer and Embolden40k), I decided to give this a try myself. Now this will probably just result in me falling flat on my face and receive no views from anyone at all, but there is that small chance of this motivating me to do more on the hobby side of Warhammer 40,000. So for this first post, here's a bit of information about me that's relevant to Warhammer.

I've been playing Warhammer 40,000 for about three years now, although I owned miniatures from the game for 7 years prior to picking up a rulebook. My first army was Dark Eldar, which I started playing a bit before their current codex was released. That was terrible. I owned mostly infantry and a grand total of 5 vehicles (two of which I had forgotten about, which left me with 3). The only game I ever won was a 500 point game against a buddy of mine who plays Orks. Luckiest game of my life. Sometime after then, I participated in my first 40k league at a shop called Coolector's Mall here in Owensboro (now closed).

Due to some disagreements with the owner of that store, the 40k league moved to another local store, The Lotus Guardian, which is still where we play, although the store has changed locations. Tired of losing all of the time (except that one lucky game), I decided to buy a new army. I looked at the fluff of the armies, and chose Sisters of Battle to be my next army. So I scrounged up the money I needed to buy the first 500 points and journeyed to my local store.

Once there however, I noticed that two Dark Angels Ravenwing battleforce boxes were on the wall. The thought of an all bike army appealed to me, and instead of having them order me everything I would need to step into Sisters of Battle, I instead found myself ordering Sammael and joining the ranks of the Unforgiven. After a few months of getting my butt handed to me by Orks, Imperial Guard, Tyranids, and Eldar; and a switch to Deathwing (including a terrible game where Belial and an upgraded squad died during their Deathwing Assault), I decided it was time to switch codices again.

With the all terminator army still a personal favorite, I quickly invested in Draigowing. 2 full 10-man Paladin squads, Draigo, and two Psyflemen Dreadnoughts were the components of my 2,000 point list. After demolishing my friends Orks and Chaos Space Marines, I was feeling much better about this game at this point. I even participated in a local tournament where, due to being the odd man out the first game, getting slaughtered the second game (on turn 7 the final model, a Paladin Apothecary, went to ground to die by the last shot possible), and then torturing a 14 year old playing Tyranids, I placed 4th out of 13.

Then, after a phone call from my uncle, I decided to go play in a few tournaments at places he frequented. The first was a small 1,500 point tournament. My Draigowing survived against 'Nids, then rolled through Space Wolves and Blood Angels, earning me 5 dollars after the entry fee, which I used to purchase a Necron Cryptek for my recently acquired Necron army (which I say is for my girlfriend, and I "force" her to play every now and again).

The second tournament, one that my uncle was able to attend as well, did not go anywhere near as well as the other two. My first game was against an Imperial Guard parking lot, and on turn 1, 745 points turned and ran off the table leaving Draigo, one 10-man Paladin unit, and two Dreadnoughts to fight a full 2,000 point army. I definitely should have used combat squads and dropped terminators with psycannons all over the table to take out the vehicles instead of starting on the table for him to shoot. Game 2 went much better, I played against a Necron player who did not know his codex very well at all. Thanks to his C'Tan Shard, the table did more damage to my army than he did, and I almost tabled him. Game 3 was against, of course, my uncle. He brought as many Imperial Guard heavy weapons teams as he possibly could, with I think about 27 of them being lascannons. I knew I was doomed from the start, but somehow I almost beat him. I finished in second to last for the entire tournament, and received a prize for it which I promptly gave to my uncle since I didn't know what I wanted and doubted I would be back to that store for some time.

So that tournament ruined the high from the rest of the times, but I probably needed it. Everyone back at my local store was happy to see my terminators removed from the table and replaced by the Inquisitorial army I worked on next.

Anyways, now it's 6th edition, and I own the following armies to a playable extent: Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Necrons, and Tyranids. I own enough of the following armies for allies: Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, and Imperial Guard. I also have a very few models left from my starting Dark Eldar collection, the rest of which were traded for 4,000 points of Bretonnians that I haven't touched since the terrible experience that was my first few games of Fantasy.

I've spent a good amount of money on this game considering the short amount of time I have been playing it, yet done very little painting or converting. I've messed around with magnets a bit thanks to my Tyranids, but I still have much more to do with all of my armies before any of them are considered finished.

If anyone has actually read all of this, welcome to my blog, and I assure you that this will probably be the longest post on here without pictures.


  1. Welcome to the Blog world buddy, looking forward to hear all about what your up to :D. Consider me your first follower, now where is the follow box...

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    1. Yeah, I should probably do some messing around with this to figure it out more after I do homework.

  2. hey and welcome to the bloging world! :) I'm looking forward to see what you come up with :)